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Msg #1536 A Dispensation’s Word Study

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Good Samaritan’s Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

We are gathered in the dispensation of the fulness of times, which is called the dispensation of the grace of God (Eph 1:10:3:2). There is no reason why that interesting word does not show up more often in a true believers conversation. The Greek language and particularly Strong’s alphabetical numbering of every Greek word contained in your Holy Bible, makes for an excellent tool in doing word studies. I have found only two other values in my study of Greek: learning how very complex and yet exacting is the Biblical Greek language, and learning how very conglomerated and inexact is the English language. Those two lessons blend together to give the very greatest admiration of the Old English found in my King James Bible, and the greater disdain for what the ecumenicals tried to pull off in their modern versions. A good Greek word study of Strong#3622 shows that the word “dispensation” might get properly translated “stewardship,” as it does three times in Luke 16. The word involves three things: 1) responsibilities levied onto a steward, 2) a period of time where the steward has more or less unsupervised responsibilities, and 3) a reckoning at the end of the period whereby the steward gives account for his handling of his responsibilities. That makes a marvelous summary of what a dispensation is. In this dispensation of grace, mankind is given some clear responsibilities. “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved,… and ye shall know the truth (our Lord Jesus Christ), and the truth shall make you free (Rom 10:13, John 8:32). This grace is only available for a short time, and at the close of this dispensation there will be a reckoning. Be sure your name gets into the Lamb’s book of life.

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