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Msg #1706 Spring Time and Love

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan’s Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Happy Valentines Day comes in February like a carrot on a string. It is meant to entice us to press through the cold, dark, frigid throws of winter, remembering the love of life, and push towards the rejuvenating breath of spring time and love. This essay focuses on ten building blocks of blissful matrimony, while you focus on this question, “Why in the world did I marry this woman?” (or gender specific?) List item 1) get your life priorities right, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. That includes a weekly tithe of all that He has blessed you with. The physical and emotional will take care of themselves when we get this one right, God said so. 2) Love and be faithful to your local independent, Bible believing, Baptist Church, it is His most important resource in the maintenance of your life and home. 3) Regularly share your salvation testimony, with a when, where, and HOW. The latter should include so much Roman’s Road that anyone could do what you did. It should be your most told story, in that your wife, children, and grandchildren could recite it from memory. These three are building blocks for life as well as blissful marriage. 4) Marriage is a spiritual union, put your main emphasis there; remember Christ’s illustrations of the lily and the song-bird. 5) An intimate, personal, passionate relationship with your spouse only comes from one you have with Christ. 6) Learn to communicate well, it is a learned behavior. 7) Children are motivated only by feelings, don’t be childish. 8) Use the two golden phrases often (but not together), “I am sorry,” and “I love you.” 9) Control your thought life, casting down imaginations (2Cor10:5). 10) Come back for this one next week.

An Essay for week #6 Feb 5, 2017

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