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Thesis – Reformed NOT

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Baptists are NOT Reformed from Catholicism

Reformed Theology’s Reformations Are Not Producing a Biblical Saystematic Theology… Hardcover: $24.05

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Reformed Augustinian Theology is, as its name so aptly captures, a reformation of bad Augustinian Theology that previously framed up the belief system of Roman Catholic Theology. The reformers began the reformation of the Roman Catholic theology and reformations have progressed until a common question is asked “Exactly what is reformed theology?” This work will analyze rate of change for reformation theology. It is feasible to understand where the transformation began, in the heart of Roman Catholic Doctrine, and where it is to land, in the heart of Biblical Baptist Doctrine. It had to depart from Catholicism and its horrid soteriology, tyrannical ecclesiology, mislead eschatology, inept Bibliology and defective theology. Is it now circling towards the epicenter of truth, or does it continue in the venue of its mother Church spiraling ever further from the truth? This effort focus and clarifies the position and course of Reformed Augustinian Theology with a clarity never before addressed.