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Msg #1704 Saturday’s Woman’s Rights March

What The Bible Says

Good Samaritan’s Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

I attended the “woman’s rights” march on the Saturday after Donald Trump’s inauguration; he is our new president. In Seneca Falls they considered it their right to flood the crosswalks on every green light, so I stayed longer than I wanted. Nobody knew exactly why they were marching, so I took a survey of their signs to see what all the hubbub was about. I saw five planks. The first was the right to be amoral in every way. Every sexual perversion never asked about paraded on the crosswalks. Being incensed about the Y chromosome and insisting it does not matter is not very scientific, but it was the main battle cry of “woman’s rights.” The right to abort a human life and throw it in the trash was also claimed as their amoral right but it took a back seat to sodomy and the Y chromosome denial. They devised the term “transgender” and cram it down our throats, as if Y chromosomes present or lacking, don’t really matter in their artificial world. The reality is that Jehovah God, man’s Creator, made Y-chromosomed and not-Y-chromosomed, and he has the say for our moral right and wrong. There is no transgender and He has declared who should have sex with whom. He also clarified when a new soul is conceived and takes on his image and likeness. Amoral rights are wrong, God’s rights are supreme.

The second plank they marched across during green lights is that black-lives matter more than blue-lives matter, and way more than white-lives matter. It is kind of their affirmative action of who should matter more. Reality is that blue-lives, being commissioned to stand between the good and evil of society, matter more. Green-lives, commissioned to stand between the good and evil of nations, are right up there as well, but black-lives are not more deserving of rights because of race or color. Saying otherwise is actually racism.

The third plank I saw on the crosswalk was that carbon dioxide, simple CO2, was going to end the world as we know it. The brain-washing ability of the liberal progressive is displayed in earnest by their calling CO2 the most dangerous pollutant in our world. The reality is that it is a perfectly natural ingredient in God’s green earth. We exhale it daily. Real science knows that ocean temperatures rise, algae populations quadruple, and all the CO2, that we could every feed them is devoured, turned into the O2, that we inhale. Algae’s photosynthesis produces over half of our oxygen and consumes CO2 to do it. They grossly exaggerate what rain forests do for us. Liberals look at one tiny piece of God’s impressive, self-regulating, cyclic system, i.e increasing CO2 levels, and suppose the world is coming to an end unless they step in and save it. The progressive demagogues call that “science,” and have pulled blinders across the eyes of three generations. They have fossil-fuel-phobia because of the hoax. Carbon dioxide labeled as a dangerous pollutant, give me a break, where is the “logic and reason” Barrack boasted about.

The illegal cross walkers also supposed that the Muslim religion has more religious rights than those who pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God. It was affirmative action for Islam and Shari’a law. Ignore the Islamic invasions of the past, the 17th century of Spain, the Islamic State called for in Muhammad’s ‘Qur’an’, the sociology-economic-political-militant-religious-system and pretend it to be a peace loving religion. There is nothing peaceful about suicide-bombers and terrorist truck drivers. It is mass delusion that they be given more rights in our public schools than the teacher who would read a Holy Bible, and pray in Jesus’ name. The Islamic invasion, not CO2 levels, is what will change the world as we know it. “Woman’s rights” march indeed; these are planks of the progressive liberal’s agenda!

Lastly, the plank that “woman’s rights” marchers paraded in my windshield was to take Jerusalem away from God’s chosen people, Israel, and force them to make a two state solution. They would label Israel as “occupiers of Palestinian land,” and force them to share God’s ancient “city of peace” with the terrorists that have vowed to “wipe Israel and Judaism off the face of the earth.” That is nothing but diabolical. Satan and the powers of hell were jubilant at Saturdays march and his minions are eager that all five planks get nailed down. Pray that our new president will have the wherewithal to rip up every one of these progressive planks. It is a formidable task for a minority group. Obama had a pen and a phone, but we have a Book and an Almighty God.

An Essay for week #4 Jan 22, 2017 (a 785 word oped)

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