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Msg #1526 Sodomy is now the law of the land

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Good Samaritan’s Penny Pulpit by Pastor Ed Rice

Last week the Supreme Court of the United States decided, five-to-four, that sodomy (the word is in the dictionary with graphic detail) is an acceptable alternate lifestyle. Sodomy has been immoral and outlawed in societies for over six-thousand years of human history. It was outlawed here just twenty years ago. So why did five justices disagree with four and declare that sodomy is the new approved law of the land? Why did our president, Barack Hussein Obama, rejoice that this approval of sodomy “makes us a more perfect union?” The answer is in the contemporary world-view of the progressive liberal. Since we humans evolved here from animals, they say, and the governments we create are evolving to a new world order, they say, we must keep “progressing” on to new levels, they say. We are moving away from the dark ages, they say, and it is an evolving progress, they say. If you oppose their evolving progress, you are surnamed “Hate-Speech.” The right wing, they say, want to take us back to the dark ages. In America, due to incessant brainwashing of each generation, the “they say” in this world view, outnumber the Creationists. Bible believing Creationists have no sympathy for an evolutionary hypothesis. It is clear, however, that the “they” who think themselves progressively evolving to these higher levels, will soon be a full majority. Karl Marx (1818-1883), Vladimir Lenin, (1870-1924) and Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) portrayed this evolution in government as a progression from a monarch, to a republic with capitalism, to a democracy with socialism, to pure socialism, and finally to communism. It is getting like Sodom and Gomorrah around here, but our Lord Jesus Christ did not say to march on Washington, he said “preach the gospel to every creature.” Even to those in homosexual sin.

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